For Good Measure

RFC 2616, you so silly

by Colby Russell. 2014 March 21.

If the message uses the media type "multipart/byteranges", and the ransfer-length is not otherwise specified, then this self- elimiting media type defines the transfer-length. This media type UST NOT be used unless the sender knows that the recipient can arse it; the presence in a request of a Range header with ultiple byte- range specifiers from a 1.1 client implies that the lient can parse multipart/byteranges responses.

Fielding, et al. RFC 2616 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol, Section 4.4.4: Message Length, p 33. IETF. 1999. (Accessed 2014 March 21).

"[…] unless the […] recipient can arse it". That's not even wrong, really.